September Newsletter now available

September newsletter front cover

 Welcome all to our 2017/2018 AGM results.

As you can see from below,  there has been a complete shuffle to our old committee.

It is at this time that i would like to thank  our past members David Nichols “Former President” and David Hipperson “Former secretary and Public officer” for their tireless efforts in the past 12 months and i also want to mention that both David Nichols and David Hipperson are still quite prepared to help out the committe from time to time. I also would like to welcome in Alister Nicholson as our Vice President, Bill Wheeler as our Secretary and i would especially like to thank and welcome back to our committee Jon Goudge as our Treasurer and without forgetting our Editor/ Webmaster Tim De Haan which my Job would be absolutely impossible to succeed in without. Last but not least l also welcome in Gregory Maggs as an ordinary member.

Please members, im really looking forward to see as many of you as possible at our next monthly meeting as it will be my first as President of this great club and there are a few items i wish to bring up which will only help to bring this club forward and up.